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JTBC  Pandemic/ Bank Robber Bandana
  • JTBC Pandemic/ Bank Robber Bandana

    Bandanas actually became popular in America in the 1920's -1930's.  They were originally derived from the "Far Eastl Finery" of paisley and silk scarves.  Americana history gave ity a twisty...made them from cotton, and made them red originally.   Well, faashion and function both LOVED this little do-hickey and it was a HIT amongst gold seekers and miners who were traditionally a little wild...can you guess what came next?  Yupo, the term "Red Neclkl".  

    Well, a few years forward and some of the guys strarted winkin and talking...and then...the "Hanky Code" was born...  I'll save that bit of knowledge for my Ted talk on the 80's ...

    All this to say, its a good damn piece of Americana fashion-function history, at a good damn price.